Orientation Coordinator Team

Orientation Coordinator, Executive Officers, and Student Life Associate


These are five dedicated individuals that are responsible for planning and overseeing all things related to Orientation Week!

Meet (from left to right) Taylor Medeiros, Anna Zappone, Emma Graham, Adam Gomes, and Jessica Sorbara. Anna serves as the Orientation Coordinator, Taylor, Adam, and Jessica as Executive Officers, and Emma serves as the Student Life Associate Staff member at SMC.

"St. Mike’s is not only our home away from home, but it was crucial in our transition into college life during our first year at U of T. It assisted us in growing as students, leaders and individuals. Because of this, the five of us wanted to give back to our community, and ensure that the incoming class of 2023 is guaranteed the same experience! We have been working diligently over the past four months to plan an amazing week full of activities".  

We can’t wait to see you on September 1st!   

Orientation Marshals

Orientation Marshals


Ever wonder who the staff are that craft advertisements, organize activities, sets up and take down events and ensure there is food for everyone? Meet your Orientation Marshals!

From making this website and designing our Orientation logos, to running activities and sorting food arrangements, Marshals are the people making sure that everything is running smoothly as expected!  Orientation Marshals are responsible for the day to day planning, as well as the execution of different activities and the schedule. These are also the people who are filled with enthusiasm and "bleed blue" with their St. Mike's spirit throughout the week. They are ambassadors for our community and are wonderful role models of the many USMC Heroes that are in our St. Mike's family. 

All Marshals are identifiable by bright red t-shirts. Their important role explains why they have to consume sizeable jugs of coffee on an hourly basis throughout the week! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to stop one of them and ask. 

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders


Want to know more about St Mike’s or get some advice on how to succeed in University?  Meet your Orientation Leaders!   

Aside from holding a container full of knowledge and wisdom in their aging heads, these are the people who will be leading you through Orientation Week. They will act as mentors for you in the years to come! Orientation Leaders are responsible for leading a group of new students throughout Orientation week. They will guide and support you through a week of fun and frivolity, while making sure you don’t get injured in the process. The Orientation Leaders that you are grouped with serves as your main point of contact for the entire week, so if you are unsure about anything, make sure to ask them for help!   

Orientation Leaders are identifiable by their dark blue t-shirts. They also have an insane capability to solely communicate through St. Mike’s cheers.

USMC Staff

USMC Staff


These individuals are diligently working all year round to sure our college provides the best experience for all of its members… meet our USMC staff!   

From overseeing student life and academic planning support, to helping you with a research paper at Kelly Library or connecting with a St. Mike's alumni (and EVERYTHING in between), the St. Mike’s staff members work hard all year. They know the most about what resources our college offers, where buildings are located and what’s new and upcoming on St. Mike’s campus! 

Our staff work extremely hard to get to know and work alongside students in order to achieve the common goal of providing the best university experience possible.  

Here at USMC, we have Commuter Dons (who you will find always find running around The Coop or Kelly Cafe) and Residence Dons (who you will see scoping out the Canada Room or the halls of your residence buildings from early in the morning to late at night). These are student hired staff who serve our community in any capacity needed. They can direct you how to get from St. George Subway Station to home, guide you to proper academic resources, and can be a listening ear if you just need to chat. They are also First Aid and Safe TALK trained—to ensure you have a safe and fun year on campus! 

All USMC staff members are identifiable by their bright green t-shirts. Be sure to chat with these individuals throughout the week as they always love getting to know the newest members of our USMC family!