Who Are We?

Welcome to St.Mike's


The University of St. Michael’s College provides a top-quality undergraduate experience at the heart of Canada’s greatest research university. It offers a close-knit community which maintains its Catholic identity, while welcoming people of all backgrounds. The College’s historic and picturesque campus is located steps away from the array of cultural, entertainment and sports attractions available in Toronto, one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world.  To Register for Orientation 2019, click here!

What is Orientation?


Orientation Week is a great opportunity to become familiar with the University of St. Michael’s College campus, before entering first year. By integrating both academic and social programming into Orientation, St. Mike’s strives to provide you with the proper tools needed to feel comfortable and prepared as you begin your undergraduate journey at the University of Toronto.

This year, move- in day for residence students will be on Saturday, August 31st. St. Mike’s Orientation will run from Sunday September 1st to Wednesday September 4th. Programming will be scheduled each day to show case all that St. Mike’s has to offer, while welcoming you into our community before classes begin on Thursday September 5th.    

Being one of the largest colleges and Orientation Weeks at U of T, our aim is to ensure that this first week fosters a sense of belonging and excitement within our tight knit St. Mike’s community. More importantly, we want to connect you with the proper resources necessary to facilitate exceptional academic success throughout your time on campus.    

Visit this link for more frequently asked questions such as inquires on what to bring, what to expect, dates, residence, international students, cost, stay over space, registration and more!   

Welcome to the USMC family class of 2023!  Your Orientation Staff is so excited to meet you at St. Mike’s Orientation 2019!    

Hoikity Choik & let the countdown to Orientation begin!   

Orientation Week


Awarded Points:

S1: 21

S2: 21

S3: 19

S4: 6

S5: 15

S6: 17

S7: 11

W1: 6

W2: 11

W3: 15

W4: 5

W5: 6

W6: 14

W7: 12

T1: 14

T2: 14

T3: 10

T4: 12

T5: 13

T6: 12

T7: 7

O1: 7

O2: 17

O3: 9

O4: 0

O5: 8

O6: 11

O7: 16

J1: 9

J2: 13

J3: 21

J4: 10

J5: 4

J6: 7

J7: 6